Worldwide presence
The strong international presence of our brands is based on our network of 160 subsidiaries across 80 countries. In Asia and Latin America, for example, where the group has operated for more than half a century, Soletanche Freyssinet subsidiaires are an integral part of the local economic fabric.
Our locations close to our markets and our clients are backed by our engineering and major projects teams, which provide global expertise to serve local projects.


  • LGV SEA: we did it!
    Tours-Bordeaux, France

    On 2 July 2017, the first passenger train on the new South Europe-Atlantic high-speed rail line (LGV-SEA) in France was put it into operation. This is the occasion to look back on Soletanche Freyssinet's extensive contribution to this mega-project within VINCI Group. Foundations, microtunnel boring machine (MTBM), treatment of karstified land, in-fill and consolidation works, soil improvement solutions, manufacturing stay cables, bridge jacking, heavy lifting, prestressing, supply of equipment, geophysical studies, 3D mapping using Lidar and photogrammetry, geometric review of the line, monitoring the general condition and inspection: among all the group’s business lines, Soletanche Freyssinet contributed extensively to the biggest rail construction project in Europe. As for Terre Armée, the company achieved a world first in the rail sector. Terre Armée innovated by proposing its retaining walls for the first time on rail lines for high-speed trains and succeeding after a rigorous design and approval process with the contracting authority.

  • Station F Inauguration
    Paris, France

    Station F, the new name of the Halle Freyssinet in Paris, was inaugurated 29 June 2017 at a ceremony attended by President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron and mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo. Designed by Eugène Freyssinet at the dawn of the patented prestressing era, the eponymous building houses the world's biggest startup campus. Included in the supplementary list of historic monuments, it will notably accommodate teams from California's Facebook company. On the rehabilitation project completed in the summer of 2016, Freyssinet was responsible for repairing the concrete on arches, anchors, posts and exterior projecting roofs over a total area of 30,000 sq. metres. The experts also used the cryoblasting technique, an innovative technique using small solid carbon dioxide pellets at a temperature approaching -80°C (dry ice), to clean the concrete.

  • Piling works to upgrade the Pacific Highway!
    New South Wales, Australia

    This is the biggest regional infrastructure project. The australian team at AFS Bachy Soletanche is delighted Roads and Maritime Services has appointed it to deliver piling works. The local subsidiary won a major piling contract involving installing about 1,100 bored and driven piles for 38 single and 37 twin bridges between the towns of Glenugie and Pimlico. The company has mobilised quickly to the project to ensure piling is completed in areas where the threatened Oxleyan Pygmy Perch breeds before the start of the breeding season between October and April. Fifteen bridges have already been built as part of the Woolgoolga to Glenugie section of the upgrade, which is expected to open to traffic by the end of 2017.

  • At the heart of Hinkley Point
    Somerset, United Kingdom

    Following EDF's decision to invest in Hinkley Point, Nuvia has been taking part in the construction of two EPR type nuclear reactors at the site. Nuvia is working with Rolls Royce to supply turnkey subassemblies for the cooling system treatment process: the primary circuit boron recycling (TEP) and the secondary effluent treatment (TEU) systems. The Nuvia teams have also been awarded a third EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract covering design, manufacture, implementation, certification, installation and commissioning of the Nuclear Sampling System (NSS). The key system is located within the nuclear island and determines the physical-chemical properties of liquid samples to ensure compliance with specifications relating to the quality of water in the primary nuclear circuits and steam generators. The project commenced in June 2017 and will be delivered over a six year period. Nuvia’s expertise in complex multi-discipline design and build projects will be vital to this challenging project.

An international group





Director, Menard Polska Warsaw, Poland

«Strengthen our roots close to our clients.»

Manuel Peltier, Chairman and Chief Executive, Soletanche Freyssinet: Our organisational model is based on our local teams with strong local roots who are highly familiar with their markets and clients. Soletanche Freyssinet's activity is therefore handled by Polish teams in Poland and Mexican teams in Mexico, for example. Client proximity enables the teams to be very responsive. They also handle their own business development, for which they can call on pooled Group support services – including technical, engineering, equipment, product and major projects management expertise – as required.

Jakub Saloni: Where Menard's activity was once driven by major projects, especially in the Middle East, the current momentum in the United States and Europe is driven by regional projects of all sizes. We are careful to firmly strengthen our local roots, to penetrate even deeper into the heart of the markets we operate in, and move closer to our clients. Though it may work for Menard, is Soletanche Freyssinet’s local-global model still relevant in the face of current market evolution, and how can we expand into areas where none of our brands are present?

Manuel Peltier: This model works well, and that’s why we are continuing to strengthen it. Even so, not all of our brands have the same kind of international presence. For each of them, there are still countries or entire geographical regions yet to be conquered. Here too, our Group's strength lies in the fact that it can leverage in-house synergies to step up geographical expansion for some business lines. For example, the Soletanche Bachy and Menard teams worked together to place Menard's operations in Poland on a firm footing. And to this day, Soletanche Bachy, which has long operated in Latin America, is in a good position to help expand all our other business activities there.

Jakub Saloni: In Poland, Menard is now well established as a fully mature company. I think it is important to help the subsidiaries fine-tune their strategic positioning, to keep creating links between our various business activities and entities and to facilitate knowledge-sharing for the benefit of our clients.