Digital services and solutions
Sixense is an international company with expertise in the fields of technical, digital and scientific solutions for the construction and industrial sectors. Sixense offers digital
solutions based on its knowledge of geotechnics, the environment, and infrastructure. It’s goal is to monitor, diagnose, and model sites and assets to enable clients to better analyse, understand and manage them within their surrounding environment.

"Becoming the benchmark in innovative solutions for assets"


Chief Executive Officer, Sixense



We bring innovative and reliable solutions:

Process and data management through four poles of expertise:

  • Digital
  • Enginnering
  • Expertise
  • Technologies

Support for decision making due to the understanding of the behaviour of infrastructure:

  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure design
  • Inspection & Auscultation
  • Laboratory testing
  • 2D/3D Mapping
  • Modelling
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Assistance to infrastructure owners