Expertise at the heart of digital services and solutions
The Sixense Group offers digital services and solutions specialising in infrastructure, soil and the environment in order to understand, analyse, anticipate and optimise clients’ investments. Sixense’s principal mission is to provide support to designers, builders, operators and infrastructure owners in order to successfully overcome three challenges facing them: construction project management, asset management, risk management.

«Focus on the entire infrastructure
life cycle»


Chief Executive Officer, Sixense

We bring innovative and reliable solutions:

Process and data management through four poles of expertise:

  • Digital
  • Enginnering
  • Expertise
  • Technologies

Support for decision making due to the understanding of the behaviour of infrastructure:

  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure design
  • Inspection & Auscultation
  • Laboratory testing
  • 2D/3D Mapping
  • Modelling
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Assistance to infrastructure owners