Because tomorrow is being built today

Soletanche Freyssinet companies have always grown on the back of a strong entrepreneurial spirit: refusing the status quo, optimizing, inventing and marketing new techniques. Engineering is one of the group’s fundamental pillars.

Excellence in technical services

A world leader in its core businesses and specialties, Soletanche Freyssinet guarantees excellence in the services it provides. Technical innovation is core to the group’s DNA and R&D is at the heart of its strategy and business proposition.

This creative impetus drives all Soletanche Freyssinet companies to push the envelope technically speaking, and to meet the requirements of increasingly complex projects using reliable, competitive and innovative solutions.

From their inception, the companies that make up Soletanche Freyssinet have grown on the back of major technical innovations (Hydrofraise® at Soletanche Bachy, Reinforced Earth® walls at Terre Armée, prestressing at Freyssinet), which have now become industry standards worldwide.

Proactive engineering means the Group is taking active steps to address demographic and environmental challenges, create the products and uses of the future, and enhance project performance.

Teams of hyper-specialists

Whether building in a challenging geotechnical environment or designing new structural construction methods, the teams at Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Terre Armée, Freyssinet, Nuvia and Sixense combine the most advanced skills in every area.