. Through the Sixense entity, Soletanche Freyssinet offers specialist skills in the monitoring, diagnosis and modelling of assets and infrastructure. Using various monitoring, digital twin, mapping and other technologies, it offers services such as monitoring the condition and behaviour of structures, securing construction operations, as well optimising asset maintenance.

. In addition to these specialised services, all the entities comprised under the Soletanche Freyssinet umbrella are fully committed to the strategic goal of achieving the digital transformation of works. Harnessing and leveraging the wealth of data generated by worksite operations is a major challenge, particularly in the geotechnical field. Technologies and processes, as well as machines and equipment, produce huge volumes of data. Leveraging all this information will help us to optimise estimation, design and production processes, generate more reliable reports, carry out predictive equipment maintenance, and ensure traceability of operations, to name but a few advantages.