Soletanche Freyssinet offers an unparalleled array of construction and engineering expertise. Its 6 brands operate in 4 main business activities, which are soils, structures, nuclear and digital. This rich and unique mix of ‘savoir-faire’ makes the group a world leader in its markets.

Who are we?

World leader in soil, structural and nuclear engineering, Soletanche Freyssinet, with its six companies, deliver technical excellence to best commit to their customers and ensure the performance and sustainability of structures.


Soletanche Freyssinet’s Coordination Committee is compound of 12 persons, whose mission is to develop and implement the group strategy.


Soletanche Freyssinet and its companies’ organisation is based on unique principles that allow the group to grow closer to its customers and to bring more self-governance to its local subsidiaries.


At Soletanche Freyssinet, trust is at the heart of all our actions.


Soletanche Freyssinet has a responsibility towards the men and women of its teams. Security is a fundamental pillar of the company.


Soletanche Freyssinet’s companies commit to limit the environmental impact of their activities. At the same time, they develop offers that contribute to reduce the quantities of materials used in the works and their power consumption, and to preserve the biodiversity.