Soletanche Freyssinet’s companies strive to limit their environmental impact. They develop products and services that help to reduce input construction materials and infrastructure energy consumption, while preserving biodiversity.

A specific target

As part of a strong environmental approach, Soletanche Freyssinet is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

The Group has set up an in-house awareness-raising initiative called Green Is Great, to encourage staff to do their part in joining the company’s C02-reduction efforts.

Eco-design and lifecycle optimization

To reduce their environmental footprint, Soletanche Freyssinet companies have set up clear strategies and implemented specific and measurable targets, such as reducing water and fuel usage and improving worksite waste management.

Ecodesign involves integrating environmental protection throughout the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure. Soletanche Freyssinet companies work to make structures more resistant to extreme weather events, ensuring long-term durability.

A photovoltaics brand spearheading the energy transition

Because tomorrow is being built today, the ActivSkeen brand seeks to incorporate active and elegant solutions into the building envelope in order to produce high-comfort, low-footprint buildings.

ActivSkeen uses built-in photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies to make energy-producing surfaces, as well as dynamic glazing solutions to reduce energy requirements.

Green initiatives abound

In staunch support of this group-wide effort to create a greener world, Soletanche Freyssinet companies are taking multiple active steps to protect our planet – whether directly related to their business or not: Soletanche Bachy is doing R&D into low-carbon concrete, Menard and its subsidiar Remea, provide ground remediation services Terre Armée builds wildlife crossings, Freyssinet designs and builds higher towers for wind turbines, Nuvia, is involved in brownfield remediation while Sixense provides support to wind farm developers…