Nuvia uses its world-class nuclear expertise to assist industry clients throughout the life cycle of their highly sensitive and regulated facilities: from design to decommissioning and waste management.

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Nuvia provides innovative solutions in engineering, services and products, and enhances the performance of its customers in highly regulated and highly sensitive environments.

Nuvia is a key partner for highly demanding industries that place regulatory and safety requirements at the top of their priorities. Nuvia also provides cutting-edge support services and solutions.

With three ranges of NUVIATech products, Nuvia is also a leading designer and supplier of sophisticated radiation protection and detection instruments, as valuable in nuclear medicine and health physics, as in radioactive mapping through geolocation…

With its full range of products and services, Nuvia operates in several market segments including nuclear, healthcare, defense, science, research, and industry.

Faced with the global challenges of climate change, which are prompting many countries to rethink their energy mix in favor of nuclear power – one of the energies with the lowest CO2 emissions – Nuvia is helping to build a safer, cleaner and more sustainable world.

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