What are the key figures for 2021? What were the main projects of last year? Let’s take a tour in images to the main markets in which our entities work all around the world with our new Soletanche Freyssinet Annual review.

With its 6 companies, Soletanche Freyssinet plays a major role in building the world around us: buildings, engineered structures, infrastructures.

Whether in terms of improving daily life (#makingyourdayeasier), accessing energy (#accesspower), contributing to economic growth (#fostergrowth), caring for people’s health and safety (#careforall) or supporting the environmental and energy transition (#greenisgreat), Soletanche Freyssinet proposes an array of technologies through which Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Terre Armée, Freyssinet, Nuvia and Sixense are well equipped to address the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Discover all that in Soletanche Freyssinet 2021 annual review.