ActivSkeen develops and installs active envelopes for all types of buildings in compliance with architectural standards and without compromising on aesthetics. The goal is to achieve low-footprint, energy-neutral buildings.

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Because tomorrow is being built today, ActivSkeen has embraced the challenge of energy-neutral construction. Rather than compromise aesthetics, these new architectural opportunities can transcend them.

ActivSkeen incorporates active and elegant solutions into the building envelope in order to produce high-comfort, low-footprint buildings. These customized solutions use built-in photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies to make energy-producing surfaces, as well as dynamic glazing solutions for better comfort and reduced energy requirements.

ActivSkeen controls the entire value chain, from material design and installation to implementation engineering. The brand provides a full service, from engineering and materials to installation.

These revolutionary technologies have many applications such as skylights, roofs, canopies and shades, noise barriers, balconies and railings, spandrels, ventilated facades, facing shells, sunshades, pedestrian surfaces, etc. They are an opportunity for customers to turn their signature building into the embodiment of their environmental strategy.

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Carbon-free power generation covers up to 100% of a building’s electricity requirements
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20% to 30% reduction in air conditioning and lighting needs
More than 350 projects worldwide


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