According to Manuel Peltier, Chairman of Soletanche Freyssinet, « the global warming is becoming a pressing matter. We have a duty, as a company, as builders, and as human beings, to work to reduce our ecological footprint and to protect our environment. That is the reason why the Soletanche Freyssinet group has set their sights high in environmental matters, setting among others the goal of reducing our direct CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.».

Strongly engaged in that collective effort to decarbonise the construction industry, Soletanche Freyssinet’s companies are constantly implementing through their projects down-to-earth actions: low-carbon concrete development and use by Soletanche Bachy, industrial wasteland soil remediation solutions by Menard and its subsidiary Remea, wild life crossing paths by Terre Armée, development of the post-tensioning technique (which saves materials) by Freyssinet, desmantling and industrial site decontamination services by Nuvia, digitalisation services for the construction sector by Sixense, or still building-integrated photovoltaics façades conception and installation by ActivSkeen.

In that collective effort, it is also critical to share our good practices and to develop new ideas and techniques. That is why we are launching today internally – together with all the companies of the VINCI group -, the Environment Awards, which will enable everyone to put forward their ideas for initiatives to promote our strategy. The ideas will then be showcased, rewarded and deployed in our entities.