Every day, the men and women of Soletanche Freyssinet work to improve the daily lives of thousands of people around the world, with unique projects adapted to each city and territory.  

Innovation is our hallmark..

Manuel Peltier, Chairman Soletanche Freyssinet

In 2023, a number of innovations won awards at the Innovation Awards, which recognize and encourage the creativity of our teams and our ongoing commitment to finding ever more innovative solutions. 

The commitment and passion of our teams are the foundation of our success. Everywhere in the world, the men and women of Soletanche Freyssinet work with passion and determination.

Passion is what drives our teams every day


The commitment of our teams to initiatives such as the construction of footbridges in Rwanda with the NGO B2P and waste collection with Project Rescue Ocean reflect our values of mutual aid and solidarity.


Whether it’s about improving everyday lives (#makingyourdayeasier), accessing energy (#accesspower), developing the economy (#fostergrowth), personal health and safety (#careforall) or the environmental and energy transition (#greenisgreat), Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Terre Armée, Freyssinet, Nuvia and Sixense have the broad-ranging expertise to resolve the key challenges of tomorrow. 


Making everyday life easier is one of the great challenges of our world. 

Soletanche Freyssinet’s six companies are working hard to resolve the many challenges of mobility. Our teams are involved in designing and building the infrastructures people use every day, whether bridges, tunnels, metro tracks, stations, airport runways or motorways. 


Whether it’s opening a tap, turning on the oven, streaming the latest hit series, or setting the thermostat… the little things we do every day are only possible because of the world’s many energy sources.  

Soletanche Freyssinet companies are involved in the design, build and upgrade of dams, water towers, silos, nuclear power plants and wind turbines on every continent. 


Construction fuels economic growth. 

Wherever they operate, Soletanche Freyssinet companies are actively involved in the country’s economy, by helping to build ports, museums, commercial buildings or sports arenas. 



There are few things more precious than personal health and safety. 

 Soletanche Freyssinet companies provide practical solutions to health and safety challenges, such as the manufacture of medical equipment, the seismic upgrading of industrial or residential facilities, the monitoring of engineering structures and construction sites, the safety of nuclear facilities or the reinforcement of buildings. 


Soil remediation, photovoltaic façade systems, nuclear decommissioning, taller wind towers made of prestressed concrete to reach higher and stronger winds… Those are just some of the wide-ranging techniques Soletanche Freyssinet companies are using to address the challenges of the environmental and energy transition.